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In the absence of laboratory findings, you may be advised to seek medical advice. Patients who seek medical advice are advised to notify their GP as soon as possible. (Metronidazole is also an antifungal and antimicrobial agent.) The term ‘epidemiological medicine’ refers to nonpharmacological methods of diagnosing disease under certain circumstances or circumstances that indicate a relationship between a disease and some common pattern of behavior, predisposition, or environmental factors. An epidemiological medicine technique involves gathering information about the behavior, predisposition, and environmental factors associated with a disease, . The aim of an epidemiological medicine system is to identify such circumstances and establish hypotheses that explain why something is present. Epidemiological medicine can be based on a number of methods such as retrospective medical examination, blood or dental screening, and a variety of laboratory tests. Epidemiological medicine can also be based on biologic tests to distinguish between the cause and the clinical manifestations of a single, specific pathogen. The methods used to interpret the symptoms and test their association with the pathogen used various methods in an attempt to develop a reliable, valid, and reproducible diagnosis. A large amount of research has been conducted over the past forty years or more on the role that a variety of diagnostic systems may play in the diagnosis of specific pathogen infection. The following tables summarize information related on the epidemiological medicine used to diagnose some disease as well as related diagnostic tests and laboratory tests.