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Some medicines may give relief from nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea by reducing some or all of the symptoms. These effects may be of benefit to other diseases such as tuberculosis. Although the effectiveness of some medical prescriptions is known to be influenced as a result of the individual, family, or health care professional prescribing the medication, clinical guidelines have not been established for prescription monitoring of medications on the basis of an individual study. In general, in order to make good care of people who are seriously ill to the extent that it would interfere with their ability to continue their lives at home, they should have complete and accurate information with them during every single session with their health care professionals, A hospital’s medical staff should be knowledgeable of the best medical information available and should be well versed in basic medications. A hospital that would like to offer alternative medicines should consult the local authority for the purpose of arranging information on these alternatives.

The Many common household and medical problems can be treated with some type of empiric treatment, with the usual results being a reduction in symptoms, improvement in behaviour and the recurrence of symptoms.

Antibiotics are usually taken orally, with a tablet at most intervals. Most types and classes of antibiotics have antimicrobial activity and have been recommended for a variety of conditions. All are useful and generally well tolerated and are useful to treat several important chronic illnesses such as urinary tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome, gastro-osseous diseases of pregnancy and lactation and other infections as they may cause severe discomfort.