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Antihistamine and antihistamine medications are used to treat nausea after eating or drinking. These medications treat some of the symptoms of acute stomach upset caused by food or medicines of some other sort. These medications are administered under anesthetics, rather than electric shock, as soon as the symptoms of nausea return, with the expectation that these drugs will give some relief to those at risk of developing an acute upset. Some of these medications also prevent death by reducing muscle contractility and swelling associated with acute stomach upset, . The most prevalent medical diagnoses that are made during a person’s illness may include: (a) stomach pain, particularly after a meal or drink which has not been thoroughly combined; (b) nausea or vomiting which is accompanied by abdominal pain; (c) fever; or (d) a change in blood pressure indicating a rapid increase in blood pressure. In addition to treating acute stomach upset, these medications may also include treating gastro-intestinal upset or, occasionally, for pain, swelling, blood disorders, and other issues that seem related to the illness or are not related to the specific symptoms of illness. Although many of these medications have a limited shelf life, many people find these to be very effective and useful medicines. It may be possible to reduce the potential pain and swelling associated with an episode of acute stomach upset by taking an anesthetic, especially in cases of severe pain and swelling which could be worsened by physical activity and medications of some sort.