Aristocratic London – Mayfair and St James’s

Mayfair and St James’s are two of the most sophisticated areas in London.

These areas have been and still are the aristocratic playground of the capital over the last 300 years. They are home to famous luxury hotels, gentlemen’s clubs, art galleries, auction houses and unique shops, many proudly showing the Royal Warrants of the Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth II, denoting that they are official suppliers to the royal family. Here, international investors come to live and invest.

Discover the origin of the name Mayfair and Shepherd Market, one of the hidden villages of London. See the birthplace of Queen Elizabeth II and admire the beauty and peace of Mount Street Gardens.

Visit the oldest wine shop and hat shop in London and learn where the proclamation of a new monarch is announced. Hear and be amused with the tales of the gentlemen’s clubs.