Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is one of the most splendid and majestic palaces in London. Built in the 1500s by Cardinal Wolsey as a private residence to entertain his friends, the palace was ‘acquired’ by King Henry VIII in 1528.

Henry VIII embarked on a renovation program and by the time he finished, the palace was one of the most modern, sophisticated and magnificent in England. It was not just a palace but also an entertainment complex. There were tennis courts, bowling alleys, recreation gardens, a hunting park of more than 1,100 acres, kitchens totalling 36,000 square feet, a fine chapel, a large dining room (the Great Hall) and garderobe (or lavatory) – known as the Great House of Easement – where 28 people could sit at the same time!

Hear the tales of royalty, explore the magnificent rooms, admire the impressive architecture and marvel at the gardens. And, don’t miss the opportunity to get lost in the famous maze!