Tower Bridge Londres


Vania is an excellent guide! She has shown an amazing knowledge of the history of the United Kingdom and on the places we visit. Her knowledge made a lot of difference in our tour. Besides being a very nice company, she is very pleasant and patient with everyone. I strongly recommend her as a guide. Denise Neves, London, 2018
Dearest Vania, Renato Campos here, Coordinator of Incentive Trips for Top Service. We visited London in the summer with a group of 45 Brazilians where you were our guide from the day of arrival. I want to thank you for your professionalism and dedication to the group and our coordinators. It was a flawless job rich in history and culture plus perfect logistics on all visits to castles, parks, lunches, dinners and other activities outside London. Without your participation it would not have been the success that was this trip. Thank you, Renato Campo, Rio de Janeiro, 2017
Those who have had the Brazilian Vania Gay as a guide in London should register the enthusiasm and above all the vast knowledge that this guide, or rather, teacher, has about English culture and history. Vania provided us with an excellent tours of London and surrounding areas. Our group visit among other places City of Westminster, City of London, Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Stonehenge, not to mention the National Gallery, Tate Britain and Victoria and Albert Museum. Vania, thank you for all that you show and 'taught' us! I wish you every success! Robson Publio, SP-Brasil, Nov/2017
I spent a week with seven people in London doing a course from October 9 to 14, 2017 where we learned about the history, arts and architecture of England and the United Kingdom, guided full time by Vania Gay. It was fantastic because Vania demonstrated great knowledge and enthusiasm on all subjects and revealed a new universe to us. It made me fall in love with this land. Congratulations Vania Gay!
Vanderlei Banci, São Paulo, 03 de novembro de 2017
 What an anticipation, come to London expecting to know every corner of the city with my children, three of 8 years, my husband and in-laws. On the day after our arrival, we met with our guide Vania at the hotel and started our walk through the city. It was incredible! She managed to convey her passion and her knowledge at every corner of the city. After two days of touring London, we were able to take advantage of her expertise for some out of town tours, Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon. The children loved the experience and all the care she took in entertaining them with treasure hunts, explanatory booklets made by her with the main points to be visited and incredible stories of each place... ...what an incredible person, we were delighted with her knowledge and with her joy and enthusiasm in telling us every information. We went away with the certainty that we will be back !!!! " Thank you Vania! Renata G. C., São Paulo, SP, Brasil, 2017

"I was very fortunate when for my visit to London the tourism agency of Porto Alegre contracted to accompany me the professional London Blue Badge guide Vania.

Vania is Brazilian by birth and lives in London for more than 27 years. She is punctual, responsible, with a deep knowledge of the city and history. She made my trip an unforgettable experience and whetted my appetite for more. Previously, I had researched and prepared an itinerary of what I would like to visit with my friend who was accompanying me. Vania led us masterfully, acting as a curator, pointing out the main points among those I had selected. Even the works in the National Gallery which I had indicated as being of my greatest interest, she presented and described to us.

For all this, I strongly recommend the Vania historical guide for anyone who wants to make their stay in London an even more special moment."

Claudia Tropea, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, 2016

"Brazilian Tourist Guide achieves success in making videos about London"

...Toda esta formação faz de Vania Gay uma profissional diferente. Não se espere dela os clichês que, em geral, se ouve sobre Londres e os ingleses. Estudiosa, ela é uma guia para quem quer ir além da superficialidade dos cartões postais. Acompanhar Vania significa aprender um pouco dos 2 mil anos de Londres...

"Precisely at the arranged time, I found her sitting in the hotel lobby. We left and made our way through Hyde Park in front of the hotel. While we walked, we talked about general issues such as personal life, expectations for the day and weather. Good smile and pleasant reception. I had walked those paths several times before but this time, it was like a journey through monuments, past history and little nooks and crannies that made me appreciate even more that space. We carry on in different areas of the city, walking and learning the stories of castles, parks, cafes, tableware shops, shopping areas and local snack houses. It was an unforgettable trip in just one day, and best of all is that I knew that the next day we would meet again. Thank you Vania and next spring, let's go north!"

Geraldo M. Costa

IT Controller of M4U, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016